The strong demand of the terminal market promotes the rapid development of the non dairy creamer terminal industry

At present, the industry of non dairy creamer has become an important part of China's food industry. With the continuous improvement and upgrading of the production technology of non dairy creamer, the industry is developing rapidly in the direction of scale and specialization. Under the environment of consumption upgrading, consumers have put forward higher requirements on the taste, flavor, nutritional value, quality and safety of dried fat plant products. The enterprises of dried non dairy creamer should keep up with the consumption trend and meet the increasing differentiated demands of different downstream application fields.

Insiders believe that under the background of consumption upgrading and the continuous development of Internet economy, the annual per capita consumption of coffee in China is still far below the world average level, and the domestic instant coffee market has room for improvement and great potential in the future. The continuous upgrading and diversification of milk tea products also drives the growth of milk tea consumers and consumption scale, which will effectively drive the rapid growth of domestic consumption demand for milk tea and coffee.

In recent years, as the technology process of ascension, non dairy creamer product types and function of increasing, ring longer confined to the field of coffee, milk tea, its good characteristics make its application extends to solid beverage, bakery food, frozen food, such as market, expanding in the field of the downstream consumption to promote the rapid development of the global non dairy creamer industry.

From the perspective of the trend of demand change, with the increase of national income and the change of consumption consciousness, consumers will pay more attention to safety, nutrition and convenience in choosing the non dairy creamer products, and the professional degree of the non dairy creamer industry will become higher and higher, and the direction of the use of products will become clearer and clearer.

According to insiders, in terms of quality, the stability and nutritional parameters of the final products will be better and better in the future; In terms of taste, the enterprise will be based on existing recipes. On the continuous innovation, modulation more and more characteristic taste products; In terms of use, the enterprise will adjust the direction of research and development according to the technological process of different non dairy creamer products, and introduce higher quality and multi-purpose raw material products to meet the diversified market demand. At the same time, with the impact of the improvement of industry and food safety supervision, especially the strengthening of consumers' demand for nutrition and health, low-end fat removal products will gradually be eliminated.

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