Storage method of foaming cream

During the storage process, the foaming cream should be placed in a well-ventilated, dry, clean warehouse with anti-rodent and anti-insect facilities, and it also needs to be separated from harmful, toxic, smelly, volatile or humid items, which will affect the foaming cream under air transmission. Avoid sun exposure and rain in the process of transporting foaming cream, otherwise it may lead to foaming cream agglutination and mildew, and shall not be mixed with harmful, toxic, peculiar smell or affect the quality of products. The outer packaging is kraft paper bag or plastic woven bag in accordance with the food hygiene requirements, and the inner packaging is food-grade plastic film in accordance with the food hygiene requirements, so as to ensure that during transportation, there will be no pollution caused by other substances to the foaming cream and thus affect the use. We can store the foaming cream in a clean and dry container with good airtightness, which can be stored for a long time in this environment.

If everybody is in the business milk tea shop or a dessert shop, so will need to purchase a large number of foaming cream, they need to pay special attention to the on the storage, once at the end of the foaming cream lipid damage due to improper storage, it will be a great loss, also hope to share small make up this article can help to you. Bulk purchase of foaming cream end price will be much cheaper, welcome readers who have demand can contact our customer service staff oh, foaming cream are diverse, welcome to choose.

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